Fully aware that
at 45 I am no longer
a young man...

I still have a great desire and I am ready to get involved and learn new things, at the same time I am aware that I have a wide range of experiences and skills which will be of great benefit to anyone who wants make use of it.

I discovered that I don’t like working alone (me in front of my computer monitor), I prefer to be in contact with people, I love well done teamwork which brings winning results.

I always bring with me a large dose of good humor and positivity, to me jokes, laughter and smiles contribute to creating the right atmosphere which is the basis of success in the workplace. 

I take every assignment very seriously and am always ready and I strive to carry it out efficiently, independently and on time. Technical-analytical-creative skills help me face and successfully overcome a variety of challenges.

For almost 20 years I have been interested in and studied the world of the web, marketing and online entrepreneurship, I continuously update my knowledge through courses, seminars, books, articles, You Tube, etc.

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