Your web site created with wordpress
More personalized than any template
More affordable than a fully customized web design

Do you want a beautiful, modern, and functional website without going into debt, to begin with? Our transparent fixed prices show you what you get for your budget.

Visually appealing websites

We utilize one of the top platforms within the WordPress community to create your website.
You can select from a variety of initial layouts.
You have the flexibility to make edits as needed.

Take a look at some examples here to get an idea of what our designs can offer.
Let’s begin with designing your home page, where we provide numerous layouts that serve as excellent starting points.
These layouts assist you in choosing a visual style for your site.
You have complete control over the content on your home page, allowing you to specify the exact headings, text paragraphs, and calls to action (CTAs) you desire.
For your internal pages, we incorporate the content you supply for each page.
Additionally, we incorporate a dedicated section (usually located towards the bottom of the page) to showcase your unique differentiators and provide clear calls to action for your users.

Speed and security of your site

You can have the best design on the web, but without solid hosting and server, you may still have problems with low speed and poor security.

Our trusted hosting is WPEngine, the leading WordPress hosting solution. It means your site will have best-in-class speed, updates, and security.

Of course, all our sites come equipped with an SSL certificate;

  • To make your site secure 
  • Increase the trust of your visitors 
  • improve your search engine rankings

Responsive design for cell phones and tablets

In 2023, if your website is still not responsive to mobile devices, you have quite a problem. 

Everyone knows that more and more consumers are using their cell phones to surf the Internet. 

You need a site well-optimized for all devices. 

Our responsive designs 

  • ensure an optimized user experience on all devices 
  • they also help with Google search engine rankings (mobile responsiveness is becoming increasingly important to Google).
Design reattivo

No senseless pricing
We create affordable WordPress websites
for small businesses

Start Website

  • Up to 5 pages
  • Basic on-page SEO optimisation
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Google Analitics
  • Google Search Console
  • Blog
  • Fotogalleria

Advanced Website

  • Fino a 10 pagine
  • Basic on-page SEO optimisation
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Google Analitics
  • Google Search Console
  • Blog
  • Photogallery

Personalised Website

  • Fino a 20 pagine
  • Basic on-page SEO optimisation
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Google Analitics
  • Google Search Console
  • Blog
  • Photogallery

Some of our work

With Luca, we are working on a complete 360º solution:

  • Live multilingual site [still in the works] 
  • E-commerce processing orders [still evolving]
  • personalized corporate email 
  • complete redesign of labels
  • positioning strategy
  • content marketing 
  • link building 
  • social media marketing strategy [in collaboration with]

We have worked with Martin a couple of times previously. 

For this project, his bee house, we created a simple and original site with built-in functionality to receive/manage reservations and notify guests and customers. We are also working together to define the marketing strategy.

With Mr. Vladimir, we developed the e-commerce site to present an online catalog for the products his company imports from Italy and markets in Slovakia. 

Some of the things included in this project are

  • custom enterprise email and email boxes migration to the new server
  • translation of labels
  • integration with the payment portal and
  • integration with the courier portal


It was a limited-budget project that nevertheless left the client happy. 

We performed the following services for Mr. Fabio:

  • migration to a new server 
  • custom corporate email creation 
  • logo creation 
  • Site creation in different languages 
  • inserting activities in google maps and
  • much more